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Oh, I forgot: If you can make it work with Sierra, please tell me. I will update the tutorial accordingly. This link has bothered me for a while so I did more research. One should be careful in this application. Apple licenses the software OS X for use on their personal computers and not for any non-apple hardware.

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This is a CMA so I can state: you have been warned. Supposedly it runs on any OS X. Is there some other way to convert dmg hsf to iso? AMD-V is required and Opteron does not have it. I see that you did! Is that correct? Any computer running a more or less recent version of MacOS. I have a Hackintosh with I got a premade vmware image from here and it comes with instructions.

I just thought it would be cool to have in Vbox just to say I can.


Mac Os X Mountain Lion Support Mac OS X Mountain Lion OS X We provide ready-to-use virtualbox images. Download virtual. Mac OS X.. Virtualbox 4.

virtualbox does not work with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

OS X Mountain Lion version OS X Mac OS X Mac OS X Lion How to make a bootable Mountain Lion. Using Carbon Copy Cloner Version 3.

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Mountain Lion didn't recognize the standard Intel network card which is "meulated" by VirtualBox, and I couldn't get it to work, no matter what I tried. Use the Paravirtualized Network virtio-net option in VirtualBox for your guest, and, on the guest, install the following driver:.

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Just follow from step 6 on, I didn't need the rest of the steps, as installation of Niresh's ISO worked mostly out of the box apart from the tiny setting I had to adjust as according to my second and third post. I did everything I found on the internet, including putting my desired setting into the com. The guest doesn't shut down properly. The VirtualBox Window doesn't close automatically, and VirtualBox keeps on producing a high processor load on the host's processor even half an hour after I have shut the guest down.

The guest remains stuck at the following screen:. At least, it doesn't cause any issues, on teh next bootup, MacOSX doesn't "complain" it hasn't been shut down properly.

How to change screen resolution on virtualbox in Mac OS X mountain lion

I was dieing during the install boot as the same point. I think I partly figured out why it is the way it is.

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  7. It installed and boots up fine. Since there is no GuestEdition for mac guest, andmy network is down, how did you copy the nio network driver from your host to the guest? I burned a dvd with the network driver and mounted that in the mac guest.

    Then you can just mount that ISO file straight into your virtual machine. I tried fiddling around with the screen settings a lot, but it seems in order to change the resolution, you have to use EFI, which in turn doesn't seem to work properly with that Mountain Lion release. This is even better, now I got the most up-to-date OS, which actually was my plan right from the beginning.

    What made me choose Mountain Lion in the first place was that I didn't want to steal from Apple, but I couldn't find a place to purchase an El Capitan license, but I could purchase a license for Mountain Lion for 19,99 Euro.

    And I guess since El Capitan is a free upgrade, that license I got includes the upgrade. The good thing about El Capitan was that many things worked out-of-the box Audio driver, networking. Setting the screen resolution worked flawlessly as described in that El Capitan installation guide.

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