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PopClip is ready for the next version of OS X.

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Thanks to the beta testers who have been sending feedback. PopClip works faster and more reliably, especially when selecting large amounts of text. Now it should easily cope with 10, characters or more, where it often used to fail. Fixed finally! Fixed not appearing when selecting italic text in Word. Fixed dictionary action not appearing when selecting the first word of a bulleted paragraph in Word. Fixed PopClip prefs menu not closing when clicking outside the window.

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Fixed bug where tooltips would sometimes stay on screen after PopClip had disappeared. Fixed bug where the preferences window would sometimes become blank, with no content. Fixed bug where PopClip caused drop-down menus in Firefox to behave weirdly. Improved the accuracy of the Word Count extension, particularly for Chinese and Japanese texts.

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Requires a Mac with a bit processor. If you have a Mac with a bit processor, download PopClip v1. Plus other minor fixes and performance improvements. This is because PopClip did not work well in those apps, and there wasn't a way to fix it. Fix bug opening URLs that contain percent characters. Fixes for some situations which could cause PopClip to hang. Eliminate spurious error messages that were appearing in Console.

Background energy usage improvements. Fixes in anticipation of future OS X updates. Fixed bug where Search would not work with a single character selection. Extensions can now be re-ordered.

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Other bug fixes. Fixed problem where the dictionary lookup would not work if the Dictionary app was minimised. Fixed compatibility issues with several third party apps. Fixed the button that removes apps from the blocked apps list.

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Fixed a compatability issue with Sparrow. Improved the Italian localization thanks, Vincenzo. Fixes for compatability with future operating system versions. Various small fixes and improvements.

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So now one less click is required to correct a misspelled word. Added an option to choose the language for spelling suggestions, out of the languages installed on the operating system. Choose "None" to turn off spelling suggestions. Third party app compatibility improvements including Osfoora. Third party app compatibility improvements including TeXworks app.

The 'Open Link' action moved to the left hand side, to be grouped with Search.

Mac OS X 10.6.7

Fixed bug where PopClip would not work with the Dvorak keyboard layout. Fixed bug where Mozilla Firefox would launch when PopClip starts. Works better with multiple browsers: links and search now open in the current browser. Designed for Windows. Fast Download and small file size. Free updates. Version 5. Version 4.

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Start a file manager session from the command line. Users can now control their sessions directly in AnyDesk.

File transfer is now cancelled when clipboard sync is disabled. Thanks go to Kushal Arvind Shah from Fortinet for reporting this vulnerability to us. As an alternative a fully specified address can be used to directly connect to a specific user. Version 3. On these systems, AnyDesk should now transmit the monitor content normally.

This was broken due to a bug in Windows. This broke the clipboard for example. Thank you for downloading AnyDesk! If the download does not start automatically, please click the Download link below. Subscribe to our Newsletter Enter your email address to get updates on AnyDesk special offers, products and events.

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