Cannot find config.m4 phpize mac

If you don't have the Xcode tools, they are not hard to install: insert Disc 2 from the install CDs, open the "Xcode Tools", double click on the XcodeTools. When you come back, greb the 2. This is due to compatibility problems with those modules. We will be working on figuring out what the problems are, and of course try to fix those. For what it's worth In my apache error logs I could see that the extension failed to load but no clues as to why. I finally compiled everything myself from the binaries on the xdebug site using version 2.

ERROR: `phpize' failed

It is a very fast configure and make so don't worry , copied that over into the extensions dir and Felix's direction then worked fine. I have two issues: a. Checkpoints on the first page are fine.

On or off, I only see my page after the php page completes. I'm running:. Leopard MAMP 1. Luke: Top job on picking that up. All sorted now though - and using the Komodo binaries. Felix: Yes, I had done that. I'm as certain as I can be that I tried everything but you know that feeling of "I'm certain I haven't missed anything and it STILL isn't working" and then you find you have indeed missed something. Compiling things myself ended up working for me so for others who are comfortable with terminal and configure, make, make install may just want to go that route.

Thanks for pointing out where this template file actually resides. Still can't get this to work : Nothing with xdebug appears in my php. I've downloaded the 4. None of them allow my mamp to start. Your article saved me a lot of time. It is difficult to get information on php and OSX. Thanks a lot!


The Apache that comes with Max OS These commands will restart Apache in bit mode, and it now shows up in phpinfo for me:. Do you have to have apple developer tools to compile xdebug on a mac. I dont have the developer tools and when i phpize it throws an error. Cannot find config. I've got xdebug installed fine showing up in phpinfo but I'm trying to get it to work with PHPUnit's code coverage functionality. It keeps telling me "XDebug is not loaded". I've got phpunit working fine with MAMP.

Anyone have any ideas? To get it working using Leopard I was having a lot of trouble getting this to actually load on my mac with the proper x86 versions of the debugger from Komodo. The xdebug. To get it working on the mac with the Komodo file, I downloaded the PPC version instead and it came up fine. I needed a couple of other extensions besides debug that were giving me the same problem where the extension that I'd compile from the source would be 64 and wouldn't run under the 32bit XAMPP. Nevermind, seems like this mac actually is running a PPC processor, for some reason I thought it was intel.

Silly macs. On php error log i got this error message.

phpize Cannot find autoconf.

Great post - it certainly has a long halflive! I researched this several month ago.

Must disable Zend Optimizer. I enable startup error log and see the message indicating Xdebuger is not compitable with it. I tought that this version update could be the main reason of the phpizer issue, but it seems to be something around brew update. If you didn't put them there on purpose they could cause problems when building Homebrew formulae, and may need to be deleted. I was look aroung on the net and waiting for an update..

Don't you think there are anything with ruby rvm installation? I installed ruby and run using JeweleryBox. Darwin macmini Installed packages: autoconf htop-osx, libffi, libtiff, iguruma, tree, automake, imagemagick, libgpg-error, little-cms, pcre, wget, gettext, jasper, libksba, midnight-commander, pkg-config, xz, glib, jpeg, libpng, node, s-lang.

Same here. After a recent brew update , Im seeing the same error as everyone else. Same here, after running brew update , I'm got problem Here is my computer information:. So I was getting the same issues, and was able to get around it by going into Xcode and installing command line tools.

For whatever reason, when I upgraded to I've also pushed some changes that I would love if you guys tried out. SHA: a appears to have fixed it for me. Skip to content. What extension are you trying to build?

Upgrading OSX to php problems

Okay, I've edited my answer to give you the exact commands to run and in what order. Spot on. Only if you downloaded the source to that location, otherwise, no. Hm, I thought I did.

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Not sure why, total noob here, but thank you for the directions! They were perfect Fixed my problem though! Ken S. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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