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Need For Speed World is free, but you'll have to pay for any extras. The game has an integrated game shop where you can, for example, purchase car insurance to protect your vehicle, rent a more powerful car for a specific race, or buy power-ups for the one you already have. Need For Speed World is quite intuitive, but the arcade-style handling also means that it's not especially accurate or realistic.

You can take turns at full speed or gentle drift, and you can boost your car to push stubborn opponents around. Although there won't be any visible damage on the car, you'll need a pit stop from time to time. Sound effects and music are similar to those you find on any game in the Need for Speed franchise. The gameplay is solid and its arcade style means that it's easy to start playing, perfect for less experienced players.

On a negative note, other players in free mode are only shown as ghosts, and you can drive through them.

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There is very little player interaction and the MMO community feeling is hardly noticeable, but in spite of these small glitches, if you're a racing game enthusiast, you should definitely dive into the Need For Speed World universe. This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in racing games category. The game don't work. When I run it, an information shows me, that the servers are turned off.

NFS World for mac, OUT NOW!

Ithink need for speed it's a great game for kids or adults. Loved this game when i first played it, and now I have played multiple need for speed games, but secretly this is my first and my favorite More. Great game.

Connect to NFS and revive the speed in a free online world

Great game for kids or adults. Loved this game when i first played it, and now I have played multiple need for speed games, but secretly this is my first and my favorite. What do you think about Need For Speed World? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Softonic review Need For Speed World is a free online version of the popular racing game franchise. The game is free, but not the extras. However, they agree to meet and hear out Tyler's plan for taking down The House. Meanwhile, Jess does several escorts and courier deliveries inside The House for a woman only known as The Broker. Afterwards, they get a chance to perform a heist, reclaiming Weir's Koenigsegg and delivering it back to him. Jess finds out that Lina is paying off cops and racers alike to do her bidding whenever required, and learns that she and the crew are on the police and The House's watchlist.

She also finds out that they are planning to bring something into the city called Skyhammer, and it would be operational soon. Later, Tyler is contacted by La Catrina for a rematch, but on reaching there, he finds Mac and Jess there too, who have been called there on different pretexts. Realizing they have been set up by Navarro, the three are pursued by the police.


During the chase, Skyhammer is revealed to be an EMP killswitch placed on the pursuit helicopter which, when activated, is capable of slowing down a car or immobilizing it if focused on for long periods. The three manage to take down the helicopter and escape the cops.


She learns of two gold plated cars, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and a Lamborghini Aventador , fitted with illegal tech that The Collector, the head of The House, is putting on display, and plans to steal them with Tyler and Mac. However, Navarro and The Collector have anticipated this and plant bombs on the cars. With the police in hot pursuit, Mac, Tyler and Rav transport the cars out of town using a semi truck. After smashing through several roadblocks, Tyler and Rav manage to detach the bombs and throw them at the pursuing police cars, ensuring their escape. Jess, going back undercover, learns more about the House's activities with the help of the Underground Soldier, who goes under when his cover is blown.

Nevertheless, Jess manages to get the data to The Broker, where she learns The Collector is just a pawn and of something called Arkwright. After winning, Tyler and his crew learn they have successfully made it into The Outlaw's Rush. Knowing that Navarro would do anything to ensure that they don't win, Rav outfits the cars with countermeasures that prevent them from being hit by the killswitches, which have been set up on several police cars as well. Tyler decides to run both the street and the off-road races.

During the street leg, Navarro sends the league bosses under her payroll to stop him, but they all fail. During the off-road leg, Navarro resorts to sending the cops after Tyler, but all the crews he and Mac have gained as allies intervene by creating multiple distractions across Fortune Valley, to draw away the cops, as well as take down the units chasing Tyler. Left with no option, Navarro decides to race against Tyler herself. During the race, The Collector calls and offers Tyler to replace Navarro as his lieutenant by convincing him to lose the race, but he refuses.

The game ends with the crew deciding to race each other home. In a post-credits scene, Mr. Kobashi, a customer whom Jess had driven, calls Weir and tells him his gamble worked, and that The Collector is finished. He welcomes Weir to the aforementioned Arkwright and Weir hangs up, satisfied.

In January , Ghost Games began development on the next Need for Speed game to be released in Need for Speed Payback received "mixed or average" reviews from critics, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Luke Reilly of IGN praised Electronic Arts for repairing the problems of the game's predecessor, Need for Speed , but criticized its "scripted" story, lack of police chases during free roam, scripted police chases, loot box -like mechanisms during customization, poor car handling, unrealistic car damage and several other issues.

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