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Install any one of the following:. A light weighted software but not much as compare to AnthaBounce.

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It has some other good features also. Download Topdesk. Spaces enables users to create multiple virtual desktops suited to the unique needs or work habits of the user. For more information on Spaces, click here. Install anyone of the following:. Besides this it also requires. NET Framework 2. It plays all your digital music and video.

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Like Windows Media Player, it has also a built-in media library, which stores your media on your computer or across network. It is a light weighted media player as compared to iTunes. It can play a number of formats of digital video and audio and images. The Pro Version of QuickTime captures video and converts different media into a variety of formats. QuickTime Player.

Mac OS X Leopard Theme on Windows XP

It is an ideal package for music lovers. For more information on GarageBand, click here. Mixcraft, like GarageBand, is a music editing application for Windows. Download Mixcraft An alternative to GarageBand.

How to Install Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard, or Snow Leopard) on a PC

Photo Booth is an exclusive Mac OS X application used for taking photo snapshots and video clips with the built-in iSight camera in a Mac or other webcam. Photos and video clips taken with Photo Booth can be emailed, used as iChat icons or as photos for contacts in Address Book, or imported into iPhoto.

It includes a number of effects that can be applied to photos. No need for introduction. Download Safari 5. It is designed to allow importing from digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs and the Internet. Like Windows Movie Maker, you can edit cut and copy the video clips, import and export movies, add text, pictures, music, etc. You can add special video effects also.

You can use Windows Movie Maker as iMovie. The icon for iMovie is included in the Icons for Dock package. It is an essential feature of Mac OS X. The Address Book icon is included in the Icons for Dock. Address Book. For more information on Font Book, click here. You can also get a Font Book clone for XP. Font Book. Font Browser. Like Windows, Mac has also a searching tool, aka, iFind and Spotlight. Mac Calculator. Its just a clone, you cannot do much with it.

Download Mac System Preferences. System Preferences. Mac Clock. Get the Mac volume control clone for XP. Install both Mac Sound and Mac Gadget.

Mac Volume Control. Angry Birds. The Angry Birds developer has firstly introduced the game for Mac, and now they have released an official version for Windows for the first time. Download and enjoy playing this addictive multi-level game on Windows XP, Vista and Download Angry Birds. Download and simply install the software. Firefox for Mac 3. Toolbar buttons are of white color and the menu bar is hidden. You can also change the appearance of your Firefox 3.

Firefox for Mac Theme for Firefox for Windows. Safari Theme for Firefox. Safari Skin for Firefox. Camino is a popular web browser which is only for Mac. Many Mac users love Camino. It is a Gecko based web browser, developed by Mozilla. Since Camino is not available for Windows, you can change the appearance of your Firefox to that of Camino. Camino Theme for Firefox. On Winamp, you can apply an iTunes Theme. Unzip the folder, then double click each WMP skin files;. Windows will automatically install them to its default folder. Live first. The term "false positive" is used when an Anti-Virus Software wrongly classifies an innocuous inoffensive file as a Virus.

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This incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or to an incorrect virus signature in the database of Anti-Virus. But doth Apple protest too much? A bunch of features they touted yesterday have been around on other operating systems for awhile, or were just simply yawners with one exception, in my book. After the jump, a little side-by-side comparison of Leopard and Vista. Note: Windows Vista is still in beta, and Apple says they're not announcing a lot of new Leopard features because they don't want Microsoft to copy them.

But do remember the features listed in this article are not final or complete according to Microsoft and Apple. Also: I love and use both a Mac and a PC. Leopard will have Time Machine. Vista's got built-in file versioning and XP's got System Restore points.

Mac OS X Leopard for Windows 1.0

Leopard's looks prettier, but are they basically the same thing? Leopard calls them " Spaces " ironically this makes me think of MSN Spaces but they're just virtual desktops, which have been around on Linux since, well, forever. Leopard's improving their desktop search, Spotlight , to index network drives, and it's supposed to be faster and better overall. Search nerds will particularly appreciate the introduction of Google-like search operators :.

In Leopard, Spotlight provides a richer syntax so you can search for more specific sets of things. You can also search using specific file attributes — author, type, or keyword, for example. Ok, fine - fast desktop search is a good thing. Vista starts the no-longer-Start menu with a search box , and Vista's improved Explorer is much more search-based as well. No word on whether the sucky Finder has been improved in Leopard, but one would certainly hope that's one of the secrets Cupertino's keeping.

Windows never shipped with a built-in calendar before Vista you needed Outlook. Still feel that way. Good news is Leopard has improved iCal to support group calendars with a WebDAV server oooh, maybe offices can actually use iCal to coordinate now. But most importantly to organized, Mac-using lifehackers, Apple's got some cool shiznit going on in Mail regarding to do's and notes. admin