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As you take the computer apart, start with a system of where you set the pieces. Do as the guy in the video does and set all the screws on a mat, in the order in which you removed them. The point is that when you put the computer back together, you can follow the reverse order and use the same screws.

You will get to a step where you have to take five screws out of the logic board itself. Make sure that you remember where these came from, because they are all different.

Mac Mini Mid 2010 SSD Installation

The way I did it was to arrange them on a mat, literally spatially oriented as laid out to correspond to the shape of their arrangement on the logic board. One of the final steps, which is inserting the wifi antenna back into the computer, tripped me up. Note that you are going to be screwing the wifi antenna directly into the hard drive that you just installed. If the holes in the wifi antenna do not line up with the screw holes in the hard drive, do not attempt to insert the screws sideways.

Instead, take the wifi antenna back out and reposition the hard drive to better align the screw holes.

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I also found that I was able to use my screwdriver tip to nudge the hard drive a bit after the wifi antenna was installed, by poking on the far right side , behind the vertical part of the wifi antenna. We now carry our own Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tools shown in the second picture designed with a rubberized high-torque handle to the exact specifications needed to remove the logic board without the risk of inserting abrasive tools into a delicate logic board.

2010 Mac Mini RAM and SSD Upgrade/!

Before completely sliding out the logic board assembly, the power supply connector must be disconnected. In using unibody construction, Apple had to get creative with the placement of the antennas.

Apple Mac mini 2010 (A1347) Teardown

The Mac Mini Mid has After disconnecting the remaining two antenna connectors and its data cable, the AirPort card can be easily removed from the logic board. A couple of spring-loaded T8 Torx screws secure the oddly shaped heat sink to the processors. In keeping with its space saving design, the fins directing air toward the vent hole are slanted to allow for better fan placement.

The long antenna wires are grounded periodically along their length, presumably for better signal transmission to the important part - the antennas themselves. Intel P 2.

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Broadcom BCM integrated gigabit ethernet and memory card reader controller. Need more storage? Only time will tell if this Mac Mini is as easily modified as its predecessor. For now, we recommend just getting the server edition. The new Mini's power supply churns out a minuscule 7 Amps at 12V. Compare that to the The optical drive is Macminicolo took apart the server version of the new Mini. Check it out if you want to see how Apple stashed the second hard drive. Badges: It seems the advantage of going with the server edition is the higher storage space and faster CPU.

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How easily do you anticipate it would be to upgrade the CPU on the non-server edition? There is a guy that claims that on different models he found stripped screws and that such stripped screw could eventually invalidate the warranty. I didn't notice anything unusual when we were taking it apart - the screws seemed fine to me.

The only time I've seen damaged screws is when we've disassembled a few random certified Apple Refurbished devices. Step 1 Bottom Cover. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 2.

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Step 3 Fan. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6 Cowling. Step 7. Step 8 Antenna Plate. Step 9. Step Step 12 Hard Drive.

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Step 18 SSD Installation. Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Complete Guide You're Finished! admin