Formatieren usb stick mac windows

If you have a Mac lying around, you can plug the drive into a Mac and back up the files. If you only have Windows systems available, you can use HFSExplorer to copy files from the drive onto your Windows system drive or another drive. First, open the Windows Disk Management tool.

This tool allows you to manage the partitions on drives connected to your computer — internal ones or external ones connected via USB. Locate the Mac drive in the list of disks. This process erases everything on the disk, including its files and all its partitions. First, note the number of the disk in the disk management window.

Back Up the Drive’s Data First

For example, in the screenshot below, the Mac-formatted drive is Disk 2. Next, open a Command Prompt window as administrator. Identify the number of your Mac disk in the list. It should be the same as the number of the disk in the Disk Management window. What can I do? Assuming Vista or 7 this should work on XP, 8, 8.

How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

If you're still having problems with the disk after trying this, you might try omitting the quick from step 9 to do a full format. That will take a very long time and usually isn't necessary, but may help uncover physical damage to the disk. In some cases you might need to re-initialize the disk.

As above, this will destroy the data on the disk or, rather, your ability to access it. To do that from diskpart. Trying the other top answer, I received a "Windows was unable to complete the format" error. So for anyone getting the same, I found another solution. Identify your disk in the list, then right click on the volume and choose 'Format', then choose your preferred file system.

I had to delete previous volumes on that disk before I could do it - note that all data will be lost, so make sure you have backup or that you don't need it!

Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

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Format a disk for Windows computers using Disk Utility on Mac

How do I format a usb drive on a PC that was formatted on a Mac? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed k times. Run cmd as an Administrator. Run diskpart. Choose a security level using the slider. However, it also increases the time it takes to format the drive quite considerably. You can download CleanMyMac X for free here. Which should you choose?

How to format a USB drive on a Mac

The main reason for formatting a USB drive as Fat32 on a Mac is that you want to be able to use the drive on a Windows PC, as well as a Mac — perhaps to transfer files between the two machines. You may also be preparing the drive for use as, say, a storage device for a media player or to record TV programmes on a TV with a USB port. The fact that Fat32 can be read from and written to on both Mac and Windows makes it very versatile.

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However, there is a significant limitation — individual files have a maximum size of 4GB. There is a solution, however, exFAT. If you look for a quick and easy way to manage your drives, try using CleanMyDrive 2.

With its help, you can drag-and-drop files directly to any drive, clean hidden junk from external drives, and check disk stats. All the drives will be at hand in the menu bar, so you can get to see types of drives you have and manage them easily. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind, however. admin