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Modify the Headings. Modify the style definition once and all the headings formatted with that style will be updated appropriately. Generate your TOC.

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Now that your Heading 1 and possibly Heading 2 styles have been applied to the corresponding headings within your document, you can generate your TOC. For detailed instructions about these steps, review the following tutorials from Microsoft. Adobe Acrobat, using an online tool, or using the Windows version of Word are apparently the only options. I ended up using the Windows version. Another option which others have reported having success with and which doesn't require an expensive Acrobat license is this: Save your Word document to your computer.

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Upload your Word document to Google Drive. Do NOT convert it to another format when you upload. Its a Google Drive App. Use the Save As dialogue to save back to your computer.

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Before saving, change the extension to. Can you please post a link to it? I'd say it's the openaspdf.

Table of Contents Word 2011 Mac

Looks like a service to get a document from your HD or Google Drive and convert it. Probably a good option -- unless the document might be a bit sensitive - in that case I'd like to know a bit more about the overall proces Create your document using heading styles Heading or Document Styles are used in Word to format a document in a consistent way that is easy to change. Using Styles in Microsoft Word is easy thanks to the Quick Styles gallery, which is found in the Home toolbar: To apply a style, simply select the text to which you want to apply a style, and then click the appropriate style in the Quick Styles Gallery.

Here's an example of a document that we will format using Word's built-in styles: Here's the same document after it has been formatted using styles - Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal which we'll use for any "normal" text that isn't a heading : Now that we have a document that contains content formatted using Word's styles, we can create our Table of Contents.

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Insert and Format a Table of Contents To insert a table of contents into your document, follow these steps: Select the position in the document where you want the table of contents by clicking in the point of the document where the table of contents should be inserted. Choose the Document Elements ribbon toolbar. This has a list of buttons that let you insert a table of contents using different presentation formats: Each button will insert a table of contents; the differences between the buttons is the format that will be applied to the table of contents.

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Key differences you will notice between the options above include: Whether level 2 Heading 2 and level 3 Heading 3 styles should be indented or left aligned. Whether the text should be presented in Sentence Case the first word is capitalized, the rest are not or Uppercase where all words are in capitals. Whether there should be any underlining or leading. Any other formatting that might be needed in the table of contents.

Note that the table of contents itself using document styles. This means that you choose one of the options above and then customize the document styles to change how your table of contents is presented.

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The following example shows our document using the fourth option shown above. As you'll see, the title, Table of Contents has been inserted automatically. Each of the heading lines from the document example above have been used to create the table of contents. Notice in the example above that the table of contents has been inserted on the same page as the text used to create it. It's likely you will want to put the TOC on a separate page. You can do this using a page break. Update your table of contents to reflect changes in your document Once you use a page break to separate the TOC onto a separate page to the content it relates to, you need to update the table of contents to reflect the changes to the page numbering that have taken place.

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