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Save the newly created QIF file and exit Banktivity.

Convert Data From an Earlier Version of Quicken (When to Use an Intermediate Version)

Open your Moneydance application. Save the newly created QIF file and exit Moneydance. Open Quicken for Mac. Select the option Start from a. QIF file exported from another application. You will be prompted to sign in or create a new Quicken ID. Make your selection and continue. Click Next. The Import data from another application window is displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions and import the. QIF file into Quicken. After you finish converting your data to the Subscription Release of Quicken for Mac, you'll want to review the new file to make sure that everything was carried over correctly.

You'll need to be able to view the old data file so you can compare balances and transactions. Ask our community for help and to learn more about Quicken. Quicken Help. The option to import QXF files, which is necessary for this conversion process, is not available.

If you're converting a data file because you've upgraded to the Subscription Release, you will need to make sure that the new version is installed before starting the conversion process. For installation steps, click here. Don't delete your old data file until you've reviewed your new data file.

It's a good idea to hold on to a backup of your old data file for a while, just in case you need to refer back to it.

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Quit Quicken for Mac. Open the Subscription release of Quicken for Mac. Select Start from a Quicken Essentials File. If you decide to purchase the program at a later date you can keep all your data, the license key simply unlocks the ability to manually enter more transactions. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance, and thank you for your interest in Moneydance. Jenny closed this discussion on 12 Dec, AM.

Quicken for Mac 2018 Review - A Huge Improvement

Ron Bujold re-opened this discussion on 12 Dec, PM. Thanks for your quick reply. Another question: I have a Mc Notebook and a Mac desktop.


Can I install the one purchase in both computers and how? Obviously I am not a techno geek! I'm not a Mac user, but assuming you purchase Moneydance directly from the Infinite Kind Website you would download the software to both computers, install it, enter your license key, which you receive via email after your purchase. You are entitled to use Moneydance on as many computers in your household as you have for the purchase of one license the license is basically per household not per machine.

I you want to share the data between computers you have to move to data files to a shared location like dropbox. This is detailed in:. Jenny closed this discussion on 14 Dec, AM. Well, it has finally arrived.

How can I convert a Windows file from Quicken to a Mac book Pro quicken file? — Quicken

Thanks to reader Paul for the tip. Data migration. File conversion is not possible for Quicken for Mac and prior versions. So now you can pay more to use their 5-year old software, hurray! Has anyone tried it out yet? I have been using Mint now for over two years, I love it. While it is not as robust as Quicken is, it makes reconciling credit cards easier then quicken. I recommend folks should take it for a test drive just disregard the promotions they offer that is how they keep it free.

They just have never given the Mac version more than a half-hearted effort. On Windows, they continue to come out with new versions every year. I gave up on the Mac version, and simply run the Windows version in a virtual machine on my Mac provided by VirtualBox. I have been on Mint for years, and tried quicken because I wanted a little more control.

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I quickly went back to Mint as the downloaded transactions are far, far superior. Mint certainly isnt what I would call powerful budgeting, but its a great way to see everything in one place. I loved quicken when I had a PC. However since we are now a complete Apple household, I have gone with iBank which I am very pleased with.

I love the iPhone app able to add transactions on the fly then sync once home with iBank on iMac they are working on iPad app that is more powerful and also have iBank investor which syncs with iBank through their servers the cloud. I think they are becoming less of an alternative and more of a serious competitor.

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Mint is ok for basics and getting better, but I will stick with iBank. I use QuickBooks for Mac for our business accounting. Unfortunately, Intuit seems to make you pay full price vs. Regarding Mint.

Quicken Help Desk Number 1-800-513-4593 for convert Quicken data file

However, Mint does a really bad job assignment asset categories to ETFs. So, I still have to stick with manually entering items in Excel. I agree that Mint is the future. However, I have over 6 years worth of transaction history on Quicken which is useful to me and I do not want to lose. If Intuit allowed Quicken users to move their Quicken data to Mint, I would be happy to make the switch.