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Deeper Lightweight and user-friendly system personalization utility that makes it simple and fast to toggle and customize a wide array of hidden macOS features and options.

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Larger cartridges are usually better value so the printer costs less to run. All the printers take a medium-large 8, page black.

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If you do sometimes intend to print colour but not very often then the C and C with their 2, page colour cartridge would have been the right product. If work revolved around colour brochures the C or C have lower running costs. If you are in the graphics trades then you probably want PostScript because what you produce on your printer stands a better chance of being what colleagues and contractors can print on theirs.

Standard print languages give consistency, so the print industry will often insist on files being PostScript. The C and C were a bit cheaper because they can get by with a weaker processor and memory. They rely on the users computer processor and memory to do formatting in the same way it does for the screen through a Windows OS interface called the GDI Graphics Device Interface.

The computer then transmits this image of the page to the printer as a high speed bitstream. This does require extra resources from user computers, called "hosts" in industry jargon. Since modern PCs have several gigabytes of RAM and multi-core processors running at speeds in the gigahertz this usually works well. Odd print languages generally produce a "reasonable" page, but it is more difficult to get a guaranteed accurate page. We don't know which actual PostScript Oki used.

They can also handle barcodes and an optional hard disk is available for these models as well. Support technicians like control panels because they make network setup easier and give explicit and sometimes directly meaningful error messages. These printers all have a control panel the C cut-down versions of the engine did not.

OKI printer driver compatibility and schedule with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

An embedded web server is also available. Printer Web-servers are often more informative than the control panel, but the control panel helps set the IP address so that you can get to the Web-server. This raises a problem; if you have a hard disk the manuals warn you NOT to use the switch but to shutdown from the front panel first. They say shutting down from the switch will damage the disk.

More likely it could corrupt data, but if you don't know how its formatted that has the same effect.

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The human eye is sensitive to surprisingly fine patterns and can discern individual lines less than a thousandth of an inch thick dpi from a distance of a foot or so, over a thousand shades of grey and well over a million colours. Printers need to give fine resolution like or dpi for diagrams - anything finer will be almost invisible. Obviously it would be impractical to have a million colours; colour print is often done using just four.

TVs and computer screens use an RGB "additive" process but that doesn't work well in print since merging inks produces dark shades. The CMYK process allows brighter colours. To get a solid green on a print page a print-works overprints dots of cyan and yellow. To get a lighter colour they print smaller dots and leave more white.

Magazine print normally looks good at just dots per inch. A computer printer can usually only print one size of dot and dpi gives rather crude graphics. Computer printers work at or dots per inch. Luckily for machine designers the eye doesn't discern fine patterns, colour and greyscale all at the same time.

OKI C5650, C5750, C5850 and C5950

We may pick out that a fine line is not a constant black, but would struggle with whether it faded to grey or got thinner. If alternate lines are printed black and white at dpi the result looks grey, but at dpi dots or lines can be discerned and at dpi they are clear. The OKI C makes a reasonable pass at magazine but perhaps not photographic or arthouse printing when set to its x dpi mode. It may however slow down a bit, depending on image complexity, and particularly if it is one of the host-based printers.

If you must have photo-quality print then inkjet and dye-sub are options. OKI have made a significant advance in this area. Some of their colour LED printers have five colours including a white. This changes the mix of colours that can be achieved - and allows printing on coloured card. Printer brands would probably like you to buy a new set of cartridges every couple of months. People should probably aim for a printer that runs for at least a couple of months without a change of cartridge - it isn't so much that changing cartridges is trouble although it can be as that if you are changing them every month you bought a printer that is small for your needs and costly to run.

It can be quite difficult to estimate printing needs because they are usually made up of a mixture of single page and multipage jobs from a variety of people. The past is a guide, so have a look back through invoices for paper - a box of paper is 5 reams, 2, sheets. Overhead Projection transparencies are printed with a cooler fuser and longer contact so the print speed drops to 10 pages per minute.

Engine resolution seems to be x dpi and the service manual says this is 4 level. Hence the brochures say "ProQ Multi-level technology", x dpi. The printhead has a resolution of dpi so for ordinary print that will be the hozontal resolution. One of OKIs unusual if not unique selling points is that its laser printers can handle banners up to mm 48 inches.

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This printer can also handle material up to gsm using the MP try - possibly delivering to the face-up tray at the back with heavier material. That's an unusually wide range and has contributed to these machines being popular in the graphics trades. The built in cassette holds around sheets which is an unusual size - most manufacturers opted for on light duty laser printers and or on office quality machines.

The printers capacity could be expanded with one extra page cassette tray - which becomes tray 2. According to the user guide print media must be able to withstand F C for 0. The main risk is usually glue on envelopes and transparencies.

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An inappropriate transparency can make a horrible mess of fuser rollers. An auto-duplex unit produces double sided print by taking a newly produced page and feeding it into a chute, in this case just above the cassette, then round and back to the print station. Auto duplex tends to be slower than single sided print but it save paper.

It also produces work that looks more professional with less effort. The auto-duplex unit inserts into the back of the printer and the reversing part protrudes increasing the printer depth a bit. The duplexer directs prints round and under the print mechanism instead of to the output trays; then it recovers them for reinsertion into the print station. Material goes through a path with a couple of fairly tight bends so the duplexer can't cope with stiff card or banner stationery.

Paper goes through a couple of tight bends in the duplexer. Supported paper sizes: A4, A5, B5. Supports Custom Size: Width More about cookie settings is contained within the Privacy Page. Hiper-C printer driver allows your software application to control your printer. Operating System: Windows 10 64bit ; Windows 8. Download Here. Operating System: Windows 10 32bit ; Windows 8.


Operating System: macOS You don't need a unique driver for each model. Operating System: Windows 8. The settings are saved in the printer driver and are selectable when printing documents. Operating System: Windows 10 32bit ; Windows 10 64bit ; Windows 8. This utility prints out a sample color chart to use as a reference to help print specific color. This software changes the language of the device's LCD display panel from the default setting. Operating System: OS X This utility is an add-on for the Print Control software. It provides user-definable summary information and charts of the main data recorded by Print Control and is designed to be used for the production of management reports on print costs.

This software enables the tracking of color and mono page printing, the types and quantities of paper used and provides a record of printing activity by department. This utility is a client tool installed on the client PC to control printing. It is necessary to set-up a device in order to restrict printing by specific user from Print Job Accounting, Print Job Accounting Enterprise, Configuration Tool or an embedded web page from the device.

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