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Keywords: bluetoothdongle usbbluetoothadapter searchword: bluetoothdongle Share this:. I think Clas Ohlson simply doesn't want to take responsibility if it doesn't work on any other platform than Windows. Works perfectly with no configuration with my Mac mini Mid El Capitan, so I'm inclined to believe the above compatibility list.

Using unsupported Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle with OS X

I also know that a colleague of mine is using the Broadcom BCM for his MacBook and supposedly it works great as well, but I don't have any first hand experience with it. One thing to keep in mind is that for some dongles the Mac will not automatically switch over and use the USB dongle as the primary HCI controller.

If that is the case then you will need to manually switch it over. Here is a guide on how to do that. Unfortunately Apple has just recently removed the Xcode Hardware IO tools download from their website, but if you end up needing it then I can send you a copy of it. Ken, great post. Other than verifying your System Information as shown above, have you tried actually connecting to a Bluetooth 4 peripheral with this dongle after the configuration?

If my iPhone 4S counts, then yes. The stereo speaker design is also identical to models released in and Do check the Sound preference in System Preferences and see if the Output has the Bluetooth devices selected. CFBundleIdentifier com. Yup, they changed the name of the kext in Mountain Lion. They can on a windows machine, however, once I installed the windows drivers. Thanks in advance for any help….

The bluelight does not necessarily mean that the device is already registered to be working on the Mac. In Mountain Lion, it should work without any tweaking on the kext. Is there another utility out there for non-intel, or is my computer too old to even make this hack work? Try this utility and see if it works for you. I did it with Kext Utility… I can see the hack in place on the Info. Please see below.

Version: 1. Thanks for the info, this is exactly what I need. I had to use KextBeast to get the modified kext file to load. Thanks, Daniel. I assumed that the devices would connect to the dongle instead of the internal connector, but I could be wrong. Thanks for posting your information about getting the bluetooth dongle working!!

Mountain Lion Lion Snow Leopard Unfortunately, I do not have a Snow Leopard machine to test. But what I might do is to take the kext that works in Lion and try loading it on SL and see if it does the trick. But looking at most of the comments and other articles online on this topic, it seems that the dongle will override the internal Bluetooth module when you use the dongle. So technically, it should already work.

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Have you tried to pair a Bluetooth 4 device with it? After installing the IOBluetoothFamily.

How to get USB WIFI working on Mac OS X

Surprisingly though I can still use my wireless keyboard; hence the actual Bluetooth adapter seems to be functional. I removed the IOBluetoothFamily. Did you backup the original kext? Did the earlier poster ever resolve the issue of getting the adapter running under Mountain Lion? Do check it out and let me know if it works. I have a MacBook running I inserted the text from your article that was in red, used the Kext Utility you recommended and rebooted.

The dongle does appear in the USB section of the sSystem info. It seems that there are a minority set of users who are facing the same issues as you did. Did that work? I tried to download it from the Mac App Store and it said that I need My apologies. Let me see what i can find out and i will update the article as soon as I do.

Yes it does! When I first wrote this guide, it was on No problem at all. Hi — just a quick note to thank you very much for this guide, it has worked a treat on my Mac Pro. If anyone can offer help in setting this up it would be greatly appreciated. Any advice appreciated. Thank you. Nathan White, do you have developer tools installed, perhaps the bluetooth utility is a part of that…. Could you try if this would work. Before plugging in the bluetooth dongle, disable the built in one your MacBook, then plug in the dongle, it probably would activate the bluetooth using the dongle now.

Let me know if this works. Does anyone succed in getting this to work on a I tried all the steps above but got stuck in selecting the HCI. It just not appear on the list! Ken Ng, Can you give me some specs of your hardware ie i mac book vs BT-adapter. By default, Mac OS X Hi Ken—thanks so much for the speedy response! No you do not need those. Let me post you what it is on my OS X To use Bluetooth, first you must turn it on.

Any suggestions?

Bluetooth Adapter that works in Sierra? | tonymacxcom

I am running Sounds like OS X is simply going back and recognising the on-board bluetooth device, and then ignoring the external USB one. Try that—I did that and was able to run Bluetooth Explorer in the version it installed from the disk. Ben, Sorry for not following up. Should I delete one of them?? When I open either one, I can pull up the broadcom information and see Bluetooth 4. I needed to download the Bluetooth Explorer from developer. It seems to stick across reboots!!! This confiuration of Mac OS X could be invalid or unsupported.

First off, great post. I followed all the directions and the dongle IOGear one is recognized and is working paired with a Magic Mouse no problem and the Broadcom shows up in the Bluetooth hardware section on the system. The only hitch is that when I option-click on the Bluetooth icon, it still says version 2. Anyone have any thoughts about this discrepancy? I distinctively remember that OS X reports it as version 4. Thank you for this information and especially for the updates.

I now have real stereo streaming to my bluetooth headphones and can use the Authy bluetooth feature for 2-factor authentication tokens. I have the same adaptor iogear but have a really weird issue. In HCI selector when I select the Broadcom controller osx prompts for a password, then after password it just defaults back to the apple one.

Hi Ken! Any ideas why the GBU has a product code of in the mavericks driver? Fixed everything for me. This worked great on my Mid iMac running Lion. The only problem is that swipes are no longer recognized by my Magic Mouse. When I look at the list of bluetooth devices, my mouse and keyboard appear to not be connected even though I am able to use them.

Using BT Explorer, I was able to activate the built-in radio and restored full function to my mouse. They also now showed up as connected. Follow-up to my post the other day. I already had a bootcamp partition set up and I can see that my data is still there. Maybe like what is described here:. I checked and it says 4.

I have put hours into following the steps really to the letter, editing the plist.

That's not you, right?

Please, if anyone has a tip I would be grateful. I followed the instructions to the letter and tried doing it with all of the three kext installers, but my Mac Pro 2,1 8-core w Jun 24 Michaels-iMac. Observation info was leaked, and may even become mistakenly attached to some other object. Is it really possible that it can use Bluetooth 4. And it disables the internal adapter when in use. But Bluetooth Explorer version 2. It works when i remove the adapter and use the internal one. It seems that the Apple devices are reluctant to connect to non-Apple bluetooth chips. Not sure why. Now I have installed my Bluetooth 4.

BluetoothExplorer Version: 2. Everything else works… but is it safe to continue using the Dongle? Strange no one else seems to get this problem. There are mixed reports but it looks like the OS has to identify it as genuine apple hardware. I recently bought the Belkin Bluetooth 4. I tried following the instructions in this post but the drivers for this device appear to be in OSX Mavericks already. Has anyone got this device working with Mavericks and if so, how? Thank you for this! Your instructions were clear and very easy to follow!

Worked for my ! MacBook Pro! My Bluetooth card died and I bought an Insignia Bluetooth Adaptor that was not Mac compatible …your step-by-step guide was spot-on and I got it to work!!!! So is there a way to get this working with a mac trackpad and keyboard? I have a mp1. Can see the devces but cannot seem to pair. Any ideas? I cannot find TN Does anyone happen to have a copy or can someone describe the steps?

Okay, forgive the post hijack, but how about putting a Bluetooth 4 LE adaptor on an iPad 2? They are making some small enough and with the old ipod pin adaptor. It would be cool to have this be a work around for the LE cut-off by Apple. A bought Trust 4. I have a mid iMac computers. You want to use handoff feature yosemite. With this device it is possible? Hi all. Perhaps I should revisit this again. Unfortunately, I do not have a pre-bluetooth 4. BT was working for me on yosemite till I did rebuild cache. Now not working despite of repeated installation of the kext. Please advise if someone found a way.

Mine BT was working in yosemite for days and then I did a kernel cache rebuild. BT stopped working. Please advise how I can enable BT for yosemite. I am on a Imac with the last OS yosemite version. When I go to system information, I get :. Identifiant du produit : 0xa Identifiant du fournisseur : 0xd Belkin Corporation Version : 1. Hi , Yosemite is not supporting third party drivers who are not signed. Broadcom driver was not loaded in my case.

I have some news, let me explain : I finally manager to install the dongle. It WAS working because my mouse did reconnect and finally recognized the new dongle. So there is no reason it should not just work on Yosemite. If yes, could you confirm that you actually have access to handoff? Because in my case, though having successfully installed the Belkin F8TBF works for the mouse, etc — thanks to your post!

Hi Ken, thanks for this post. I first tried using the iogear BLE adaptor on my desktop along with your kext hack as well with bluetooth explorer to try to activate it but no luck. I reinstalled the original kext file to get things back to normal, all good.

Step 2: Step 2: Download Bluetooth Explorer

I tried same BLE adaptor on my macbook pro ll laptop running same mountain lion Frustrated, I tried again on my desktop without hack, no luck, with hack again, same result as first time, and read through the comments here and tried turning off bluetooth then inserting dongle to see, still no luck.

Any ideas on what else I might try? What is the difference between my laptop working and my desktop not? Any help appreciated, thanks. I just did this last night and it worked! After that I just followed your instructions and it works perfectly. Luckily it had the right chipset! Worked beautifully with zero deviation from the instructions.

Much obliged! I was editing the Info. So make sure you navigate through to the Plugins folder to find the correct Info. Do the Handsoff and Airdrop working now on your iMac without further modification of the hardware??? Awesome thanks man! I searched google by device ID happened to have exactly what you did I guess. Awesome post, very clear step by step walk trough. With this post i got a Belkin Bluetooth dongle to work on my mac Pro 1. Now i can use my track pad and keyboard. Someone should give you a medal.

How to Setup a Bluetooth Dongle on a Macbook Pro

I wanted to ask anyone here. Thanks for the help! Now, the problem I have is that I need to open the BE and select it as active device every time I reboot.

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