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For all Mac users, this tool proves to be very helpful. As soon as you open the software, it lists all the Mac volumes on the left pane of the software interface, where you have saved the image files. You just need to select any of the volumes and it scans the same to list all the image files found in that volume. For convenience, there is one search option available, which you can use to find only a specific type of file.

Afterwards, you need to choose the file type and then proceed with the conversion process. Stellar Image Converter Mac is available with a free demo version as well, with which you can convert all images up to KB of size. Download and see the features of this impressive image converter tool today. Data recovery expert at Stellar Data Recovery, recovering data since Playing around with hard drives, Windows OS issues and suggesting fixes is among the major activities I love.

View More. There's even a portable option for Windows on the download page, available for both bit and bit versions. The CoolUtils Online Image Converter is just that — an image converter that exists completely online, no download required. Unlike some online image converters, the CoolUtils service does the image converting for you in real time — no waiting on an email link.

I'm assuming there's a file size limit on the original file you upload but I couldn't confirm one. One thing I like about CoolUtils is that it lets you rotate and resize an image before you convert it. Since CoolUtils works through a web browser , you can use it with nearly any operating system , like with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Zamzar is an online image converter service that supports most common photo and graphic formats and even a few CAD formats.

Best free image converters for JPG, BMP, PSD, TIF, GIF, RAW, and more

You can download the converted file from an email or wait on the download page for the links. I've repeatedly tested Zamzar and have found the conversion time is much faster than FileZigZag below , but since you can't download multiple files at once or upload more than just a few, you might try an actual software program if you need something more robust.

You can use Zamzar to convert not just images but also documents, audio, video, eBooks, and more. See all the formats supported by Zamzar. If converting more than one image simultaneously, all of them have to be converted to the same format. Adapter is an intuitive image converter program that supports popular file formats and plenty of nice features.

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In its simplest form, Adapter lets you drag and drop images into the queue, and quickly choose the output format. You can clearly see the size of the image files before and after they'll be converted. I like Adapter because it seems to work very quickly and doesn't require you to upload your files online to convert them. You can install Adapter to both Windows 10—7 and Mac I tested Adapter in Windows 10 without any issues. Free Image Convert and Resize is a program that does just what you'd think it does — converts and resizes images.

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Even though it doesn't support very many image formats, it does let you convert, resize, and rename multiple image files at once. I like this program because it's very simple to use, supports popular image formats, and includes some additional features you may not find bundled in with other image converters.

The installer tries to add a few additional programs to your computer that you don't need to have for the image converter to work, so you can feel free to skip over them if you wish. PixConverter is another free image converter. Though it has plenty of useful features, it still manages to be easy to use.

PixConverter is a nice image converter if you deal with these formats and would rather not use an online converter. Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista are the only versions of Windows that are officially supported, but PixConverter works equally well in Windows SendTo-Convert is an awesome image converter. This means you can set the default output format, quality, size option, and output folder so as to quickly convert images without having to open the SendTo-Convert program.

This download link takes you to a page that has several other programs listed, the bottom one being for SendTo-Convert. BatchPhoto Espresso is yet another free online image converter, which means you don't need to download any software to use it. After uploading an image, you can resize, crop, and rotate it, as well as add special effects like black and white and swirl, overlay text, and change brightness, contrast, and sharpness, among other settings.

FileZigZag is another online image converter service that will convert most common graphics formats. Just upload the original image, choose the desired output, and then either wait for the download link to appear on the page or check your email for it later. Just like any online file converter, you have to unfortunately wait for FileZigZag to upload the file and then wait again for the download link which could take a really long time as you wait in the queue.

However, since most images are of a small size, it really shouldn't take that long altogether. FileZigZag converts between other file formats, too. See every file format that FileZigZag supports to see if you can use it with your other files. Share Pin Email. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated August 06, What We Like Converts between lots of image file formats.

Can convert multiple images at once. Lots of advanced settings you can customize. Converts images on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Transparency is one of PNG's major strengths, so let's take a look at some of pnmtopng's options there. Suppose that we wish to vignette our treasured foo image--that is, we would like to apply an oval mask to it that gradually fades to complete transparency, in effect transforming our image from rectangular to rounded.

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This is easily accomplished by creating the oval mask as a grayscale PGM image, where white represents the regions that will be completely opaque i. Then give the following command:. This will ordinarily create a bit RGBA image--in other words, truecolor with a full alpha channel. But if it happens that the combination of the original RGB image and the mask produces at most RGBA combinations, pnmtopng is smart enough to detect that and write a palette-based image with transparency information instead.

Moreover, it will automatically arrange the palette and transparency entries so that all of the completely opaque colors are at the end of the palette; the corresponding transparency entries may then be omitted, resulting in a smaller file. In some cases, the transparency mask contains only fully opaque and fully transparent values, and it may happen usually by design that the parts of the underlying image that correspond to the transparent region are all one color, even though there may be thousands of colors in the opaque part.

This results in a PNG file that's much more compact than one with a full alpha channel. Transparent images intended for display only on web browsers will always have some sort of background specified as part of the web page, but for images that may be rendered by a standalone viewer, it is often desirable to include an explicit background color in the image.

The -background option provides that capability; it accepts a color argument in almost any format allowed by MIT's X Window System, including English text assuming the X color database file can be found. Thus, the following three commands are equivalent the -alpha ovalmask. For most users, the second form is probably the most easily understood but the least precise. Making it precise requires the finely honed ability to find the X color-database file, which can be difficult when it exists and impossible when it doesn't [35] it is also explicitly platform-dependent; that is, the same color name is allowed to have different RGB values on different machines.

Therefore, the first form is likely to be the most useful. It specifies the RGB values of the background color as decimal fractions between 0. The third form is the old-style hexadecimal format that is favored by programmers but almost no one else. Oh, the embarrassment.

The hex value need not be placed in quotation marks on a command line, but within a shell script it should be quoted, or the hash character will be treated as the beginning of a comment. As with transparency and palettes, pnmtopng detects if bit samples are really just scaled 8-bit samples; if so, it will automatically convert the image back to 8-bit samples unless the -force option is given.

It can also be instructed to convert true bit samples to 8-bit with the -downsample option. Other supported features include chromaticity information, histograms, compressed text, explicit single-color transparency, physical pixel dimensions, and special compression options. Quantization of truecolor images to or fewer colors is not supported by pnmtopng itself, but it is a straightforward part of the standard NetPBM package. For example, to quantize a bit TIFF image to the best colors, dither the result, and save it as a palette-based PNG, one can use:.

The -fs option to ppmquant instructs it to use Floyd-Steinberg dithering, which generally looks very nice but does require a fair amount of computation. The parameter indicates the number of colors to be used in the final version; any value may be used web-savvy designers might wish to use a smaller number of colors , but only values of or less will result in a palette-based PNG image. What about images with an alpha channel? Of course, this only works if the PNG image is not interlaced. The demo program also has a -time option that automatically records the current time in the proper format, as well as one or two other potentially handy features.

For simple batch conversion of GIF images into PNGs, pnmtopng is not only overkill but also somewhat tricky to automate.

FITS Image Software Packages

Such a task is more readily handled by gif2png , a special-purpose conversion program written by Alexander Lehmann. Besides the raw image pixels, there are three GIF features that translate directly into PNG features: transparency, text comments , and interlacing. It will also add its own text chunk with the Software keyword, and it will automatically change the file extension from. There is one important caveat, however: the current version, gif2png 0. Because gif2png renames the files it converts without user input, it can be used to convert a whole directory of GIF files in a single command.

To prevent gif2png from adding a Software text chunk to the output image s , use the -s option:.

Convert Image to PPM

To do the same conversion but to an interlaced PNG, include the -i option:. In addition to the problem of overwriting existing files, gif2png's conversion of GIF transparency information is less than ideal; although it gets the job done, the program copies over the GIF palette without modification, which can result in useless transparency entries in the PNG file. For example, a color GIF image whose last palette entry is the transparent one would result in a entry transparency chunk in the PNG file, where one entry would suffice; in other words, it can waste up to bytes in the output file.

Despite all this, the program is quite stable and useful. But these are minor issues; in fact, the gIFt chunk was officially declared Bad that is, deprecated in October , so its lack of support in gif2png turned out to be prescient. Indeed, the only major problem with the program is the fact that it reads GIFs in the first place. It is therefore according to Unisys subject to the LZW patent and its associated licensing issues. Unisys initially claimed that freeware GIF programs would be granted a free LZW license, but that later changed, which was directly responsible for the cessation of further development on gif2png.

Version 1. The corresponding special-purpose conversion program for TIFF images was written by Willem van Schaik and is called, predictably, Tiff2png. By a strange coincidence, its latest version is also 0. This is primarily due to the fact that the TIFF format is hugely complex, supporting multiple forms of text annotations, both gamma and color correction, several flavors of transparency, many different sample depths, and numerous other options that might conceivably be carried over into a PNG image with a little effort or, more likely, a lot of it.

Tiff2png's main features as a conversion program are its support for TIFF sample depths up to 16 bits and its support for transparency and alpha channels. Unlike gif2png, Tiff2png requires an explicit output filename and is therefore somewhat less convenient for batch conversions:. It is also completely quiet by default, although it supports a -v option to turn on its verbose mode:. Unfortunately, Tiff2png does not distinguish between associated premultiplied alpha and unassociated alpha. The latter is the only form supported by PNG, but Tiff2png will happily store an associated alpha channel without conversion, as in the previous example.

But lacking any such sample images, I was unable to verify this.

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At any rate, Tiff2png is capable of converting at least some TIFF images with alpha transparency correctly, which gives it an advantage over the current NetPBM suite and pnmtopng. Although TIFF is subject to the same LZW licensing issues GIF is, it supports several other compression methods including no compression and is therefore less of a problem for program authors. In Tiff2png's case, all TIFF manipulations are handled via Sam Leffler's free libtiff library, which means Tiff2png itself can be updated at will without worrying about the sorts of legal issues that plagued gif2png.

Finally, we should take a look at an extremely useful PNG utility that is not usually considered a conversion tool: pngcheck. In particular, it provides no way to print the actual pixel data, although it can print just about everything else.

PPM Files - The Simple Image Format

Originally written by Alexander Lehmann as a simple tool to check PNG images for corruption, such as might occur if the file were transferred in text mode, pngcheck was subsequently extended by Andreas Dilger, Greg Roelofs, and others, evolving into a nearly complete PNG syntax checker and content dumper. The latest versions 1. But it can also be used simply to test PNG files and print their dimensions, image types, and approximate compression ratios. In other words, don't take it too seriously. This results in output similar to the following, except that here the lines have been wrapped to fit the page:.

But pngcheck is most useful for seeing what's inside a PNG image. The -v option, for verbose mode, prints the name of each chunk within the file, along with some basic information wherever appropriate. Because it can be a tad lengthy, it is often a good idea to pipe the program's verbose output through a paging filter such as more. Because the image primarily consists of solid-colored regions and simple gradients, it compressed unusually well; this probably indicates that dynamic filtering was used, but there is no way to be certain, given the preceding information.