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Time remaining and progress percentage added to window title and tray icon. Other bug fixes. Deleting GODs now deletes the full game, not just the descriptor file. Fixed bug in saving content organizer output path. Changed FTP timeouts to provide faster feedback on bad settings. Limited support for extracted ISO games: default. Game demos are supported for upload. With a few clicks, we can poll the game so that it is compatible with our firmware.

For the occasion, as our famous software Waves Patcher becomes Games Patcher. The software automatically detects if your game is protected AP25, and offers one-click to patch it to make it operational on your dashboard. XexTool This tool is for research purposes only. It will print out xex information to the console, alter xex attributes, extract executable code and other basefiles and create idc scripts files to help with disassembling the extracted executable code.

Note: Any altered or created retail xex files will not be correctly signed. Usually the basefile is an executable file, however it can also be data file, as seen with ximedic. When the basefile is an executable file it is either an exe or dll, however it is not stored in its normal exe or dll format but instead as a binary file.

Some of the xex header attributes are required, and others are optional.

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Some of these attributes are things such as the regions the xex is made for and the media the xex is allowed to boot from. The basefile can be optionally encrypted using aes encryption. All contents of the basefile are hashed and then rsa signed. Microsoft is the only one with access to the private key required to sign xexs in order to allow them to boot on a retail xbox A different key is used to sign xex files in order to allow them to boot on a development xbox aka devkit.

Multiple options can be given at once, eg: "-m d -r mrl". If no options are given, a shortened xex info list will be printed. The usual imports are from xboxkrnl. This is the case for xexs from the famous "kiosk disc". Some usage examples are given above, but here is some more detailed information on a few specific cases. How to make a retail xexs work on a development xbox This is quite easy with this tool, just do the following: xextool -r a -m d default. How to patch an xex file with an xexp patch file.

Updates to games and system files are provided over xbox live in the form of patch files.

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These updates are stored inside package files in the Cache folder on you hard drive. A system update usually has "SU" as part of the filename, and a title update game update usually has a "TU" as part of the filename. A patch file will only work when used with an untouched version of the original xex file it was created for. When you have the original xex file and the patch file you want to use with it, do the following to create the updated xex: xextool -u -p patch. If an xex has been converted from a retail to a devkit xex, you need to use the retail patch file with the original retail xex, then convert the resultant xex file into a devkit xex file.

How to reverse engineer and alter the code in an xex file. First extract the executable base file and idc script file as follows: xextool -b default. If you don't have ida, then load it into the disassembler you are using with the same parameters. You MUST load this file as a binary file, not a pe, exe or dll. Once the file has been loaded into ida, run the idc script file. Once you have found any areas you want to change or patch, make these changes to the exe basefile you extracted above default. Now you need to insert the basefile default.

So do the following to get a fully decrypted and decompressed xex: xextool -e u -c b -o default-hack. You can search for the "MZ" present in the exe header to find this. Often its around the 0x byte offset mark. Now copy the contents of default. It should exactly fill the rest of the default-hack. Now do: xextool -o default-done. When creating the default-done. El proceso de creacion de ECC ya es automatico.

Es automatizado de acuerdo a tu nand actualmente abierta. Tambien genera una carpeta con el numero de serie y placa con tu respaldo de la tarea actual.


Agrega nand de origen, imagen hack, cpukey. Si deseas terminar tu flasheo desde Xell, esto copia lo necesario a tu USB! Al iniciar HackBox Lite v2. Por fin!!! Gracias a blaCkat por ayuda externa e informacion sobre Squirt Team! Estoy triste por el sistema que manejan en los foros de TX, son una lastima. NET Framework 3. Workaround: In the settings. Created by xamphear. This allows you to delete, unlock, edit and copy the contents of the 's internal drive over the network. This app owes a lot to other more talented hackers.

Gracias a DFOT por los textos en italiano. XEXMenu has two different versions, which can be incredibly useful for different situations. XEX Menu allows you to copy content to a USB hard drive using a computer and then load that content on the Xbox , this is an advantage for people who dont wish to use special tools to gain access to the Xbox 's unique FATX file system. Red flag green square white moon.

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